About Us

Clifford left the corporate real estate accounting world to pursue his true passion and gifts and is now celebrating relationships with photography.

He specializes in large wall décor heirlooms finished in fine art frames. His work is created as a perfect fit for any location. From the design consultation, through the portrait session, the purchase assist consultation and delivery presentation, his clients receive white glove treatment. Cliff respects the investment his clients are making as unique and knows he has to often compete with superficial purchases. With the economy the way it currently is and the importance of humanity, he feels his offerings are priceless. The images he captures stimulate thoughts and conversations about relationships. Whether it be between the subject(s), their surroundings, lighting or a given time of their life, you can rest assure that you will come out of a session knowing that a timeless treasure can be proudly displayed in your home, office or be a gift that you will cherish. He even offers a frame swap program when the décor changes.

His custom albums display the multiple images chosen from your wedding, event or portrait sessions. His selection varies from 10 images to over 100 per album. Keep in mind that every shot he takes is for your purpose. The editing process is kept to a minimum because he wants to spend more time with you than behind his computers. Every image is viewed and artist rendered by him. So his work is personal and feeds his passion.

When he isn’t photographing portraits, events and weddings, he and his Associate Photographers produce Church Directories/Journals and offer Shoot & Print services at events. This is where he gets his “posing pushups” as he poses and photographs hundreds of people and groups in a short period of time. There is no shortage of talent amongst us. As such videography service from in camera editing to multiple cameras and post production editing is available.

Cliff has a background in multimedia presentations utilizing audio, video, and lighting to enhance the experience of any event or worship service. As you can see, he is versatile and his creativity comes from 20 years of experience. The integrity of his studio and what he stands for is his bond for a successful future.